Bath Bomb Miniatures (12) Pack


The fun-sized version of our bath bombs, our Bath Bomb Miniatures offer all the beauty and luxury of our original Bath Bombs in a small package. Perfect for gifting, travel, or any time you want to treat yourself, our mini bath bombs are handmade with all the same natural, high-quality ingredients as our full-sized products. Pamper your skin with lightweight hydration, stimulate your senses with refreshing scents, and transform any bathroom into your personal at-home spa. Relax into a steaming tub of Eucalyptus Peppermint with an invigorating blend of essential oils, or transform any bath into a delightful sweet treat with Black Raspberry Vanilla. Kids will love our Baby Shark pack, featuring a delectable Orange Creamsicle scent and an adorable Baby Shark toy in every package! Our mini bath bombs are an affordable indulgence for all, allowing you to take a well-deserved break from the daily grind.

Net weight: 16-17 oz.

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